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Monday، 18 October 2021
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Book on Bazaar of Isfahan unveiled in England

“The Bazaar of Isfahan”, a book written by British art historian Paul Olivier, was unveiled Thursday during a ceremony at the Oxford Brookes University in England.

The editor of the book, Marcel Vellinga who is a specialist in anthropology of architecture, delivered a speech at the ceremony, which was attended by a number of British scholars and architects and Iranian cultural officials.

Olivier completed the book in the 1970s. However, it was never published. The book carries illustrations and drawings by Iranian architect Ali-Asghar Bakhtiar (1915-2015) and pictures by British architectural photographer John Donat (1933-2004).

“The Bazaar of Isfahan” provides detailed documentation and extensive insight into the architecture of the bazaar as well as the everyday lives of the inhabitants of what was one of the oldest and largest bazaars in the Middle East at the time.

The book has been published by Argumentum Publications in Portugal.

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