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Monday، 18 October 2021
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Mysteries of Ottoman mosques collected in book

Professor Lyubomir Mikov, a member of the Bulgarian Academy of Science (BAN), analyzed the amazing architecture of the 88 Ottoman era mosques and masjids in Bulgaria and collected the analysis in a book titled "Mosques and Masjids in Bulgaria."
Mikov spoke about his book, which was published with support from the Head Office of Mufti to Bulgarian Muslims.

"I analyzed the outer spaces and the ornaments of the mosques and masjids in the aftermath of 35 years of preparation. Readers interested in the book will be mesmerized by every single detail in it," Mikov said, adding that he studies the mosques and masjids for two years.

Far from traditional architecture

Mikov explained that the buildings are far from traditional Ottoman architecture, citing Tombul Mosque in the city of Shumen as an example. Tombul Mosque is an example of oriental architecture combined with the baroque and rococo styles.

He said that the text on the mosque's mihrab – the niche indicating the direction of Mecca – is just one of only 36 in the world.

Head of the Supreme Muslims Council of Bulgaria, Vedat Ahmed said: "Thanks to this book, we started to notice the details we ignored in our mosques."

He said Muslim shrines enrich Bulgarian culture: "This work show non-Muslims what sophisticated structures mosques are. It presents mosques as centers for science, wisdom, civilization and arts, which is a pointed service for the mosques in Bulgaria

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