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Monday، 18 October 2021
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Tehran Game Convention honors top domestic productions

op domestic game productions were honored during the closing ceremony of the Tehran Game Convention on Friday.

“Engare” designed by Mehdi Bahrami was picked as the Most Innovative PC Game and received a prize worth 250,000,000 rials (over $6,500).

“Live TV Tycoon” was selected as the Most Innovative Mobile Game and the Best Mobile Game Award was given to “Run Dehghan Run”. In addition, “Khaleh Ghezi” was named the Best PC Game.

Iran’s National Foundation for Computer Games organized the TGC in collaboration with the Game Connection, a major international exhibition of computer games in Paris.

The exhibit ran for two days on July 6 and 7 at the IRIB International Conference Hall.

The games were selected by a jury composed of 21 game developers from several international companies.

Among the jurors were Samuel Gatte from Bandai Namco, Phil Elliot from Square Enix, Victoire Fouquet from Orange, Pawel Ksiazek from Cenega and Adam Wroblewski from Muve.

Also included were Martine Spaans from Tamalaki, Robert Pontow from Active Gaming Media, Sylvain Cunzi from Next Games and Wolfgang Walk from Walk Game Productions.

Photo: Mehdi Bahrami (2nd L) holds his award on the closing day of the Tehran Game Convention on July 7, 2017. The international jury holds the check of the cash prize worth 250,000,000 rials.

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