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Sunday، 19 September 2021
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Dutch envoy impressed by glorious Ferdowsi mausoleum architecture

The architecture of the tomb of the great Iranian epic poet Ferdowsi (940-1020 AD) in the northeastern province of Khorasan Razavi is 'glorious', observed the Dutch ambassador to Iran.
Susana Trastal made the remarks while touring the mausoleum, adding that the tomb's architecture is very attractive, IRNA wrote.
"I am visiting the holy city of Mashhad for the first time, but I have studied a lot about the Iranian people and Iran's great poet, Ferdowsi," she said on Wednesday.
Esther Kuisch Laroche, the office director and the representative of the UN in Iran also accompanied Trastal during thr visit.
Trastal was in Mashhad to attend Iran-Netherlands Joint Cooperation Commission to revive and open Kashafrud River bed and route.
Kashafrud River flows from the Hezar Masjed Mountains in Khorasan Razavi Province traversing the north and east of the city of Mashhad.
Ferdowsi is famed for his magnum opus 'Shahnameh' (Book of Kings) which boasts significant status in Persian literature.
'Shahnameh' is an enormous national epic created around 1000 AD. Being the loaded canon of purely Persian lexis, the book is the epic narration of Iranian national identity, derived from the grace of an ancient culture along with the gentility of a poetic language.

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