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Sunday، 19 September 2021
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Documentary filmmaker, editor Cohen dies, aged 62

Filmmaker Bette Jane Cohen, who made the documentary 'The Spirit in Architecture: John Lautner', died after a long illness in Los Angeles at the age of 62.
The 1990 documentary captured the only onscreen interviews with the celebrated Los Angeles architect Lautner and helped bring his work to the attention of the public, eventually leading to LACMA acquiring his Sheats/Goldstein house. Cohen had recently completed a 25th anniversary update to the documentary, variety.com reported.
She was recently working on a documentary about the Swiss architect Albert Frey, who spent much of his career in Palm Springs.
Cohen also worked in the film editing department on films including 'Meteor', 'Lady in White', 'The Incredible Shrinking Woman' and Prince’s 'Under the Cherry Moon'.
She is survived by her husband Steven Zeitzew, son Jacob, parents, sisters, brothers, extended family and friends.

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