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Sunday، 19 September 2021
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Asia Art & Architecture Award in October

The second annual 2A Asia Architecture Award will be held in Vienna in October.

Organized by 2A Magazine and the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, the event focuses on recognizing an individual’s or group’s substantial contribution to present-day architecture in Asia. This year’s theme is “Innovative Architecture in Asia”, Honaronline reported.

The award recognizes and acknowledges architects who have engaged in creating and designing buildings and cities in Asia originating from their specific cultural and geographical localities which possess specific characteristics attributable to their local origins.

In the first 2015 edition, a total of six Iranians were among the winners of the award, held in Istanbul, and six more received special mentions for their projects.

The winners of seven categories of the second edition will be announced at the award ceremony on October 17, at Vienna’s Academy of Fine Arts.

The ceremony will be accompanied by two lectures given by two eminent architects from Asia and Europe. It is designed to inspire an architectural dialogue among Asian and European practitioners where participants will have the opportunity to explore topics such as the roots and history of their architecture, the effects of culture, history and tradition, the evolutionary process, the use of innovative technologies and sustainable methods in architecture and urban planning.

On the same day, all first-stage nominated entry boards will be displayed in an exhibition at the academy.

2A Magazine is the Middle East regional source for information regarding architecture, design and art.


Ahmad Zohadi, 47, is an Iranian architect and publisher, researcher and chief editor of 2A (Architecture & Art) international (English) quarterly magazine, published from Tehran and Dubai. The magazine has a distribution in the Middle East region as well as selected countries in Europe and the Americas. It was established in 2005.

Zohadi is also the founder and chief editor of ‘Architecture & Construction’ Persian quarterly magazine, published since 2003, and distributed in Iran. Both magazines cover topics on architecture and art. He has organized various architectural awards, competitions, conferences and workshops through 2A and ‘Memary’ (architecture) organizations and has given lectures at several international conferences. His articles have been published in leading world journals.

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