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Sunday، 19 September 2021
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Iranian, S. Korean land artists to hold exhibit in Seoul

An exhibition of works by Iranian and South Korean land artists will open at the Arco Art Center in Seoul during Noruz, the Iranian New Year celebration.

The artists first created their artworks here in Iran where they met in Masuleh, Gilan Province in November 2011, the Persian Service of Fars News Agency reported on Saturday.

Located 36 kilometers southwest of Fuman in Gilan Province, Masuleh is a living museum of architecture and cultural anthropology, with its beautiful houses hugging the cliffs, rising vertically upward, with rooftops and village streets virtually indistinguishable.

For one week running from November 23 to 30, the Iranian and Korean artists made their artworks, part of which went on show later at the Iranian Artists Forum in Tehran.

Land artist Ahmad Nadalian as curator of the exhibit along with Jamshid Haqshenas and Piruz Arjmand will be heading to Seoul on March 14 a few days before the exhibit opens.

A joint performance of Iranian and South Korean music will also take place on the opening day.

Iranian land artists are due to hold another big exhibition in South Korea in autumn 2012.

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