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Sunday، 19 September 2021
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Mountain halo design wins architecture prize

An Oslo-based team of architects has won an international jury’s prize for an “enrapturing” halo-on-a-mountain design for an alpine lookout and its panoramic pathway.
Designers at Code: arkitektur AS impressed the World Architecture News (WAN) jury with the same entry that won over judges from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, or Veivesen. The pedestrian road topping the Vøringfossen waterfalls in Eidfjord struck the WAN judges with what they described as its “wow factor”.

“It’s lovely to think that they are not so protective about their landscape that they can’t see something like this adding to it,” said Neil Porter of Gustafson Porter, who judged the “Fosseslynga” -- or waterfall sling -- design. The sling won best design in the “unbuilt” category with its circular trail, path, ramp and bridge.

The goal of the design was to use architecture to combine country roads and landscapes for added tourist value on Veivesen’s prized National Tourist Routes. The fabled Vøringfossen mountain pass divides eastern and western Norway while already attracting 500,000 tourists every year.

Though it won the WAN award in the unbuilt category, the Fosseslynga lost in a 2010 contest when public roads officials chose the better known C-V Hølmebakk Arkitektkontor, a firm which had already drawn up landmarks along Norway’s Tourist Routes.

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