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Wednesday، 23 May 2018
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STORE AND MORE: a workshop on Shop Interior Design; Tehran, February 5th - 9th, 2011
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University of Tehran, Faculty of Fine Arts
Iranian Society of Interior Designer
Domus Academy

STORE AND MORE: a workshop on Shop Interior Design
Tehran, February 5th - 9th, 2011

project leader: Fabrizio Lepore*, Domus Academy
“Store and More” is the design topic of the Shop Interior Design Workshop. The research will focus on creating a store concept and designing a system of “places” for the act of selling (and buying), going from the entire shop to a single display unit. Differently from any traditional place for selling, where “goods” are the objects to be sold and bought, the role of this space will be diluted: “goods” become more immaterial, they do not correspond to one or more objects, but they are rather an idea, a way of living, a wish, an aspiration. This means that the traditional process leading to the creation of a shop concept will be overturned: it will not be the sold products to define the “look” and the atmosphere of the shop, but instead the desired charm and the store concept will determine the choice of goods to be sold in the shop. Designing this space therefore should go beyond the traditional “shop” typology, but simultaneously recover the most ancient functions of a place for sale: trade (money for things, but also ideas for ideas or new things for old things, for instance) and responding to a need (for example, to cover oneself with clothes or to acculturate oneself, but also to simply feel happier). Therefore, the main idea of the workshop is to design a place where many different things are done (or can be done) and objects, but also information or food, are sold. The students will be invited to imagine one or several brands that can be suitable to communicate a strong lifestyle concept through a unique and atypical place that must immediately convey its belonging to the typology of a “shop” but at the same time state its diversity.
In this sense it is interesting to work both on brands that do not sell any specific tangible goods, such as a music network, a magazine, a publishing house, etc. and on brands that already have a defined store concept that regards only their products, since “store and more” could be a place where a brand philosophy can be communicated and where products can be only partly displayed but together with many other product categories that can act as “links” to that philosophy.
Just to start, it could be useful to identify some elements concerning
the products and the customer target that will integrate or be integrated by any specific communication need of the chosen brands. Shouldn’t they find an existing brand, students have to create one, by
characterizing its identity, products, marketing strategies, image, logo, etc.
Products and target
Selected books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, trendy accessories, drinks and
snacks. Among the products to be sold in the shop, together with a small amount of existing and renowned brand products (if the case), we
could find: international magazines, a selection of books on trends and lifestyle, novels/tales by emerging authors, music DVDs and films (cult, foreign not belonging to the main distribution circuits, animation), selected trendy music CDs, accessories/gadgets (e.g.
bags/backpacks/messenger bags, small hats, earphones) with the
“store and more” brand, bottle/can drinks (among which mineral water
with the “store and more” brand) and new and/or imported snacks. A section of the store could be dedicated to design products (fashion,
jewelry, small furniture, appliances, lighting, etc.) with a special focus on the work of young Iranian designers The main target is 18 to 30 year-old people, who are curious, with an eye on trends but also want to be different from the others, aware of what happens in the world, partly depending economically from their families, but aware of the value of money, sure about their priorities and open to what is new and different.
The students will work on real spaces located in a commercial complex under construction in Teheran. The premises will be visited at the beginning of the workshop and technical drawings of the spaces will be
available to them.

* Currently he practices in his own office in milan (italy), C+ farinaro lepore architetti associati.

among the recent projects by C+ there is the design of many high-profile retail stores, especially franchising shops around the world, and the design of office spaces and showrooms, specifically with highly communicative and creative image (p.r., communication, fashion). Other projects concern the design of interiors, runaway shows, events, while the retail projects are often associated with the design of display and visual merchandising structures. (domusacademy.com)

Fabrizio Lepore, architect.
Visiting Scholar in Urban Design at Columbia University, New York (USA).
Master in Design Studies, Harvard University, Cambridge (USA).
Master in Architecture, University “Federico II”, Naples, Italy.
Founder and partner of C+ farinaro lepore architetti associati, architectural office in Milan, Italy
Among the works by C+ there are many high-profile retail stores, interior design of office spaces and showrooms, projects of luxury residences, residential complexes and private homes. The retail projects often involve the design of specific visual merchandising structures.
Project Leader in the Master courses of Domus Academy in Milan, Italy
Web: www.siplas.net

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