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Sunday، 19 September 2021
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The International Conference "Towards New Architecture”
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With Approach to: Fundamental Changes in Settlement and Urban Development
Introduction - The pace of changes has unbelievably increased in the recent years. The changes in the fields of philosophy, education, communications and technology have caused a new approach in the pattern of human life. Architecture, which manages habitation, is deeply affected from these changes.
Nowadays, the knowledge of habitat is promoting due to the expansion of public awareness and the development of communications. Required attentions which were neglected in the recent century due to the rate of urbanization or were treated in an unfriendly manner have the priority today for many people in the world.
Sustainable development, emphasis on native identification and enriching human contents, technological changes and all and all these fundamental concepts will change shape and content of future architecture.
The necessities in the human life have changed, but the architecture in vogue is yet considering the habitation with the same old approach. We will be soon witnessing new movements of structural changes in the human settlements and certainly these changes will be causing a dissimilar outlook of the cities.
These necessary changes are considered by some universities and research centers and a few professional ones, but it is very important that they are proposed in the format of a social-professional movement.
At present, the time has come that the architects to have a new dialogue, more attentively with other relevant sciences to human beings. On the other hand, it is the duty of the city planners and managers to prepare the bed for these changes with a better understanding of science of the human life.
The ancient experience of human in living and settlement through ancient cultural areas, were adopted more with sustainable criteria. The Iranian land as one of the most ancient areas of civilization in the world has millennial experiences in sustainable habitation.
Climatic constraints and diversity in the climate in the territory of Iran have made it as an encyclopedia of various habitations and vernacular sustainable architectures and promoted and processed them in the millennial.
Now, the contemporary Iranian architecture, like many other ancient civilizations needs the attention to the priorities that predecessors in this land have understood and applied them in profound and adorned experiences.
The future of architecture in the world with spotting all the habitat priorities will end up in a different architecture.
The presence of intellectuals and distinguished architects in this international event and the serious participation of professionals, city managers, experts and scholars are a background for this holistic change.
It is hoped that this event to be a topic for new researches, different exercises and creative experiences in line with a general course for the approach of fundamental changes toward urban development.
International Art and Architectural Research Association (IAARA)
Naghsh-e-Jahan Art Research Center – Academy of Islamic Republic of Iran
Partner of Organizers
World Architecture Community
Parsiad Urban Design Research Group (The Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran)
Urban Space Journal
Yadawaran Publication and International Research Company
Conference Goals
1- The promotion approach of fundamental changes in architect content and macro and micro models in settlement and planning, design, management and the execution of city development.
2- The upgrading and refreshment of knowledge of city managers, professionals, university professors and the scientific and university researchers.
Conference Pivotal Theme
1- Infrastructural changes in architecture in the future
2- Architecture and challenges relevant to the sustainable development
3- Architecture, patterns of settlements and inhabitancies
4- Sustainable urban architecture
The Audience
-Governor General Administration, mayors, city affairs experts, members of the city council,
managers and experts of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, managers and
experts of Cultural Heritage.
- Architect and Urban Designer and university professors.
- Architecture and urban design students.
Key Speakers
- Suha Ozkan
- Richard England
- Massimillana Fuksas
-Darab Diba
-Nader Ardalan
-Odile Decq
-Reza Pourvaziry
-Mohammad Hassan Malekpour
Conference Calendar
On Thursday and Friday, Nov.11-12, 2010
Conference Location
Tehran, Iran
Registration Deadline
Up to Nov. 6, 2010
Submission of Articles
Interested parties are invited to prepare and send their scientific / research / analytical articles in word format and presentable in lecture to info@yadavaran.ir .
Papers Conditions and Specification
-The sent papers should never have been appeared / published before, in any conference, journal and the like.
- The papers including the abstract could be prepared either in English or Persian, preferably in both languages.
- The abstract in English not more than 200-300 words and abstracts in Persian not more than 250-350 words.
- Papers prepared to be maximum in 10 A4-pages, including main parts as; abstract, key words (4 to 6 words), introduction, research methodology, research background, theoretical basics, body of the research including various topics and results, foot notes and list of references.
- Name / names of author / authors to be included on the first page.
- In case of several authors, the first named author will present the paper and carry out all correspondence.
Raza Puorvasiry ,
Conference Secretary,
President of Art & Architectural Research Association (IAARA),
General Secretary of WOUD under UN-Habitat
Unit1, 12th floor, Iran Trade Center (ITC Tower), Afrigha Blvd, Tehran, Iran

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