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Sunday، 19 September 2021
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Great Plans to Repair and Equip Tehran Mosques

Quran and Islam have highly recommended Muslims to repair mosques because it is not simply a place of worship, but Muslims’ affairs are regulated there. Therefore, we should do everything to equip mosques in the city which is considered the heart of the Islamic world.

Tehran SAMA quoted Mohammad Hadi Ayyazi, Tehran deputy mayor for cultural and social affairs as saying that city managers feel responsible toward the city and based on figures, 2,581 mosques have been built in 22 districts of Tehran since 2005. All mosques and seminary schools have been insured against fire.
Ayyazi added that Tehran Municipality has built 12 mosques since 2006 and 35 mosques are under construction while 730 mosques have been repaired.
“We have installed 11,800 fire extinguishers at 650 mosques and about 2,000 mosques in 22 districts of Tehran have been furnished with carpets,” he said.
The official added that as for lighting at mosques, many mosques in various neighborhoods have been adored with lights, thousands of books have been donated and 100 mosques are currently connected to the internet.
“Digital libraries will be working at parks in the near future and mosques will be able to use this digital network of libraries,” he added.

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