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Sunday، 19 September 2021
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Municipality Plans Beautiful Mosque Festival
:: aruna

Tehran managers are bent on changing Tehran Municipality from a totally service body to a social organization. Encouraging people to take part in various projects is a way to do that and, thereof, plans are in gear to hold the beautiful mosque festival in February.

Tehran SAMA quoted Mohammad Hadi Ayyazi, Tehran deputy mayor for cultural and social affairs, as saying that people should take part in ceremonies on various occasions because such occasions determine the city’s identity.

“Therefore, people should be encouraged to take part in them and plans like ‘good alley’ or ‘beautiful mosque’ serve to motivate citizens,” he added.
The official stated that municipality should simply provide facilities and if successful, the organization will become a cultural institution.
“We have birthday of Imam Reza (AS) and ten days of Velayat, Qorban and Ghadir festivities ahead and citizens should take part in preparing the city for those occasions,” he said.
Ayyazi noted that during beautiful mosque festival, which will be held in February, the best mosque in terms of lighting, tilework and other features will be chosen and introduced.

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