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Sunday، 19 September 2021
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1st Buiding Technical ID Card Issued in Tehran
:: aruna

Based on the law of Civil Engineering Organization and Tehran Islamic City Council for compulsory issuance of ID cards for buildings with an area over 5,000 sq. m., the first such card has been issued in District 5 of Tehran.
Tehran SAMA quoted Alireza Naderi, deputy mayor of District 5 for town-planning and architecture, as saying that the first ID card numbered 00001 has been issued in the district containing all registry and property information such as the name of supervising engineer, technical information, architectural specs, structure, equipment….

He added that technical ID card is considered the identity of the building and its goal is to make builders observe technical cautions when constructing a building according to national standards.
“The plan will be an effective step in strengthening buildings. Technical ID will paves the way for identification and follow-up of violations of national construction regulations and inattention to qualitative and quantitative standards,” he added.
The official noted that all necessary information will be gathered through records of construction workshops and the card will be issued at the end of construction after the work is confirmed by the Civil Engineering Organization.

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