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Sunday، 19 September 2021
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Tehran Reconciles with Bicycles
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Due to traffic problems and air pollution in Tehran, Tehran Islamic City Council has passed a decision according to which Tehran Municipality should establish bicycle houses in various districts of Tehran. According to this plan, the first such houses will be established in front of subway stations.
ISNA quoted Manouchehr Daneshmand, director of bicycle projects at Tehran Municipality and secretary of Tehran Bicycle Society, as saying that a plan to build special lanes for bicycles has been implemented as pilot in District 8 and during this period, 34 bicycle houses have been established and about 2,000 bicycles have been distributed among them.

“Thus far, 8,000 people have enrolled to use the bicycle lane. Development of this system and creating networks of bicycle lanes will allow citizens in that district to ride bicycles and give them back at any point where they do not need bicycles anymore,” he said.
The official added that enough bicycles have been imported to allow construction of bicycle lanes in districts 12, 20, and 22.
“Some 50 bicycle houses and more than 2,000 bicycles will be established in District 8 in the near future and such lanes will be extended to the entire Tehran,” he said.
The official further noted that Chitgar Park has more than 120 km of bicycle lanes which cross one of the most beautiful flyovers on Azadegan highway and that area will be introduced as a public bicycle riding site in the next 20 days.
“Special bicycle stations will be opened close to BRT bus stops in the near future,” he added.
Based on this report and according to a plan drawn up by Tehran Bicycle Society, Behesht Zahra (AS) cemetery will have bicycle lanes so that people going there will not have to use motor vehicles.

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