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Sunday، 19 September 2021
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Tehran Buildings to Be Classified According to Quality
:: aruna

From now on, all construction activities in Tehran will become regulated and supervised and a plan has been made for qualitative classification of buildings which starts with controlling quality of construction materials and will cover all stages up to issuance of the final certificate.
Tehran deputy mayor for town-planning and architecture announced that special certificates will be issued for buildings and the plan is currently under consideration.
Hirbod Ma’soumi added that all construction materials should conform to standards including iron beams, round bards, tiles, ceramics and pipes and they should carry the standards mark.

Emphasizing on the necessity of increasing quality of construction, he said, “Building design, using standard materials, supervising the type of materials and supervision over construction are important ways to achieve that goal. We will introduce certain locations in Tehran where standard construction materials will be supplied and citizens can buy standard materials from those places. At present, we are determining those locations in Tehran and even in the suburbs.”
The official noted that buildings in Tehran will be categorized on the basis of their quality, adding, “We are going to classify quality of buildings and issue relevant permits accordingly. Therefore, buyers will know about the quality of the building they are buying. The plan is currently being studied and will be implemented in line with Tehran Municipality’s policies to encourage builders to pay more attention to quality in their construction work.”

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