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Sunday، 19 September 2021
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Tehran Comprehensive Plan to Be Implemented Next Year
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Tehran deputy mayor for town planning and architecture announced that the comprehensive development plan of Tehran will be implemented as of the next Iranian calendar year after it is adopted by Tehran Islamic City Council.
Hirbod Ma’soumi told SAMA that the plan is a cause of honor for Tehran Municipality and all experts and managers of city affairs have been involved in its formulation for more than six years. The result has been 530 sheets of maps, each sheet in 10 layers, and the map has been drawn in GIS environment.
The official added that every district of Tehran for which the map has been drawn can be considered an independent metropolis and according to an order issued by Tehran mayor, management of urban affairs will be done according to the comprehensive plan as of next year.
Ma’soumi stated that the mayor of Tehran has emphasized that notification of the comprehensive plan alone without specifying the roles and obligations of other organizations will be useless and cannot solve urban problems.
Main duties of Tehran Municipality’s Town Planning and Architecture Deputyship according to the plan include determining the limits of the capital city, determining the situation of management of cities located in the limits of Tehran province, and preparing urban development documents.


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