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Wednesday، 23 May 2018
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Iran Housing Foundation president: Iran seeks ways to the construction industry development

Berlin - Head of Iran Housing Foundation, said: housing construction industry in Iran is in its way of modernization and utilization of new building systems.

According to IRNA, 'Alireza Tabesh' in a meeting to introduce Iran construction and housing development opportunities in said: housing sector in Iran, referring to population growth and expansion in construction activity in the country, is one of the most active sectors with a major share in GDP. Tabesh added. 12.5 percent of the total workers in the country are active in housing and too many plans for expanding the activities in this sector is ongoing.

Transferring the government lands for construction of public housing, construction and housing on public lands, modernization plans, reconstruction and organizing informal habitats, methods of mass housing and new housing construction and low-interest housing loans are among these projects, as he mentioned.

In this meeting, Iran's ambassador in Germany, mentioning a history of political and economic relationship between Iran and Germany, pointed: statistics on trade between two countries with regard to threats and obstacles that were created five years, indicates an increase and expansion of relations between two countries...'.

Iranian ambassador in Germany, referring to existing needs in the field of housing in Iran, considered the technological developments in construction as a way to develop relationships and connections between two countries.

In the rest of the meeting, some representatives of companies, active in the field of housing in Germany and Europe, and some officials of the Iran Housing Foundation presented the plans and programs in this area and discussed ways of cooperation in Housing and Urban Development which will began soon in Iran .

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