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Sunday، 19 September 2021
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International Design Competition; Tabriz Carpet International Trade Center
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Assessment Criteria:
1. Feasibility of the design, based on the available facilities in Iran
2. Stability and adaptability with environmental and regional conditions
3. Considering the theme of the contest (carpet), and obtaining co-ordination between the idea and the subject
4. Possessing an independent identity and structural character in comparison to similar buildings
5. The capacity of transforming into a symbol of Tabriz

How to Register:
1. Email the personal information of the entrant/ or the representative of the applicant team to this address: intra.kish@Gmail.com
2. Receive a six digit code for entering the contest plus the related project documents via email.

Required Documents:
1. 3D images of the designed façade
2. A representation of the implementation details, in case of necessity
3. A summary of the designer’s idea

1. All of the consigned documents must be nameless and without any information of the sender, and they should only contain the six digit code.
2. The employer has all the rights to print, introduce and use the consigned designs.
3. The designs should only be sent via email as an A0 size poster, and in JPG format with a 150 resolution.
4. Please do not mail a poster.

1. First prize: 3,000$
2. Second prize: 2,000$
3. Third prize: 1,000$
4. The Employer’s selectee’s prize: 2,000$
5. Fourth to tenth winners will receive a citation. Some of the entries of the contest will be introduced in Sharestan.

Registration Time: From Oct.17.2009 till Nov.16.2009
Deadline for sending the documents: Until the end of the office time of Feb.14.2010
Judgment’s deadline: March.6.2010

Board of Juries:
Sam Tehranchi
Architect (Graduate of Shahid Beheshti University)
CEO of Hasteye Tarahiye Fazaye Chaharom Consulting Engineers
University Teacher
Winner of architecture awards in national and international contests
Co-operator with Iranian and non-Iranian scientific and research organizations and press

Amirhosein Taheri
Architect (Graduate of Tehran Central Azad University)
Selected by Memar Award 2002
Establisher of Shiveye Degardis Consulting Engineers
Winner of several contests, including:
(Emamiye of Mashhad, Safaeeye of Yazd, Pardis Technology Park, Noor Multipurpose Garden, Science and Technology Park of Kermanshah, Municipality, City Council and Amphitheater of Bam)

Iman Raeisi (Ph.D.)
Architect (A Ph.D. Graduate of Tehran’s Science and Research Azad University)
Faculty member of Ghazvin Azad University
Architecture researcher and critic, and member of Sharestan Quarterly editorial board
Board member and head of the Student Union of Iran’s Society of Architects
Board member and manager of the Architecture and Urbanism Atelier of Amayeshe Sarzamine Dirin Consulting Engineers

Ramin Safari Rad
Architect (Graduate of Hamedan Azad University)
Chief Editor of Sharestan Magazine
University teacher
The employer’s selectee in the contest of The International Trade Center of Tabriz Carpet
Member of the architecture consultant team of Tehran 2121’s Cinematic Animation

Intra-Kish Company is the holder of this contest (No. 36, East Pirouz cul-de-sac, Tenth alley, Naft St., Zafar St., Tehran / Tel: +98 21 2290 9605 – +98 21 2290 9204)

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