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Sunday، 19 September 2021
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Tehran Needs Dynamic Health Network
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Tehran Municipality’s director general for health announced that a dynamic health network will be established to facilitate interaction between Tehran Municipality and other organization to protect Tehran citizens’ health.
SAMA quoted Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Golmakani as saying that Tehran Municipality’s Health Department pursues three major goals for promoting citizens’ health which include increasing participation of other sectors as well as state-run and nongovernmental bodies; increasing participation of citizens in promoting personal and environmental health; and promoting health-oriented thinking among managers of various sectors of the society.

Golmakani said when the network is finished, it will provide all facilities needed to achieve the goals of Tehran Municipality’s Health Department because it defines duties of all real and legal entities to use their capacities and promote social health.
The official noted that the network will pave the way for making the most of real and legal capacities of Tehran at local and regional levels.
“In this network, the municipality is facilitator and helps other organizations with their missions and activities,” he said.

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