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Sunday، 19 September 2021
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Conference on Impact of Air Pollution on Chemically Wounded War Veterans Wraps Up
:: aruna

The first conference on the impact of air pollution on chemically wounded war veterans was held by Tehran Municipality, Martyrs and War Veterans Foundation of metropolitan Tehran, as well as Iran, Tehran, and Shahid Beheshti universities of medical sciences at Mashq (Homework) House yesterday.
SAMA quoted secretary of the conference, Mohammad Hadi Heidarzadeh, who is also in charge of Environment and Sustainable Development Headquarters of Tehran Municipality, as saying that the main goal of the conference was to discuss problems and restrictions imposed on chemically wounded war veterans due to air pollution.

He added that the conference marked the beginning of a serious attempt to study and solve war veterans’ problems by revealing difficulties they were facing in their personal lives.
Heidarzadeh added that 7,000 chemically wounded war veterans live in Tehran, 1,000 of whom are “very vulnerable” to air pollution.
More than 105,000 chemical bombs and bullets fired in eight years of war with Iraq led to disability of, at least, 65,000 combatants, 65 percent of whom have lung problems. More than 10 percent of chemically wounded war veterans live in Tehran.

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