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Sunday، 19 September 2021
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Mazandaran to Host Self-Trained Artists
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The First Self-Trained Artists Festival will be held in Darikandeh Village in Babol, northern Mazandaran province from May15.
The event has been named after the late Iranian heuristic painter, Mokarrameh Qanbari, Fars News Agency reported.
The festival’s secretary, Hamid Souri, said that workshops as well as an exhibition of submitted works will be held at the village where Qanbari is laid to rest.
The festival will be held in several sections such as painting, sculpture and voluminous works, he added.
Souri also said that a documentary on Qanbari titled ’Memories and Dreams’ by Ebrahim Mokhtari will be screened at the festival.
Painter Akram Sartakhti and sculptor Hazer Mosha’, both 60, are among the self-trained artists who will create artworks at the event.
“Since the 20th century, self-trained artists have come under the spotlight, and have influenced modern artists. The festival seeks to introduce self-trained artists nationwide,“ he said.
Qanbari was born in 1928 in Mazandaran province.
She had no academic art training and started painting at the age of 67.
She won several international awards.
Mokarrameh’s first painting exhibition was held in Seyhoun Art Gallery in 1995, Tehran.
She subsequently held several such exhibitions in the same gallery in 1996-8 as well as in 2001.
Qanbari was chosen as the woman of the year by the Iranian Women’s Studies Foundation and the University of Stockholm in 2001.
Qanbari died at the age of 77 in 2005.

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