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Wednesday، 23 May 2018
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Miami Art Deco Weekend

Miami Beach's Art Deco district dives back into its era of pastel design for the Art Deco Weekend every January. The area relives its heyday of the 1920s and 1930s with jazz, street theatre, a classic car parade and more.
This year's Art Deco Weekend is devoted to Argentina, where the elegant and somewhat Parisian streets of Buenos Aires are bathed in Art Deco design.

Selections of artwork displayed along the street offer a more cultural alternative to the range of plastic pastel beach buckets which read "I dig Deco"! Auctions offer the opportunity to purchase memorabilia and collectable items salvaged from recent renovation. You can even discover the significance of what you are buying through a series of lectures and talks.

An afternoon procession snakes through the old centre. Jazz is replaced by R&B, reggae and even the lambada as more than 500,000 people swap their collecting for celebrating.

The whole weekend is a tribute to the area's fantastic architecture and the period from which it grew. It gives a unique taste of a Miami long-gone.

Please visit the Miami Design Preservation League website for further details.


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