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Monday، 18 October 2021
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Next Year Budget Prioritizes Development of Neighborhoods
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Tehran deputy mayor for districts affairs announced on the sidelines of his visit to Tehran Municipality’s public supervision center, "1888", that the center has been able to provide satisfactory services to citizens.

SAMA quoted Dr. Issa Sharifi as saying that the center has been very efficient since it was launched and its measures have increased both in quality and quantity.
The deputy mayor noted that people’s complaints received through the system have been followed up to ensure their satisfaction with Municipality performance.
The deputy mayor also said the most characteristic of next year’s budget is the priority it has given to developing neighborhoods, adding, “Special attention will be paid to development of sports and cultural spaces, green spaces, and solving neighborhoods’ problems.”
“The next year budget enjoys good balance among districts and more money has been allocated to less privileged neighborhoods of the city,” he said.

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