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Monday، 18 October 2021
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Tehran Aqueducts Shown on TDMMO Website
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For the first time in Iran, the situation of Tehran aqueducts has been shown on a 1:2000 digital map through geographic information system (GIS) on the website of Tehran Disaster Mitigation Management Organization (TDMMO).
SAMA reported that the map has been drawn on the basis of aerial photos taken in 1956.

The collection has been also compiled in four volumes to be used by relevant organizations in Tehran as well as by contractors of development plans. Larger scale maps already existed with a lot of errors, which simply showed the route of the aqueducts. However, the new map pinpoints the situation of wells along aqueducts and allows users to estimate position of the wells and their routes with acceptable accuracy.
Tehran aqueducts map, which has taken two years to be drawn, shows position of over 1,200 aqueducts and about 500,000 wells along their course.
Major goals of the plan include preventing accidents and increasing safety across the city.

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