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Sunday، 19 September 2021
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Seminar on Urban Development Plans focusing on approaches and challenges will take place at the Academy of Art in Iran
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Urban development, from a definition point of view, is deeply connected to urbanism. The evaluation of city construction through this connection is based only on quality. In other words, it implies that the concept of quality needs to be the foundation of any urban related plan.
In this definition, sustainability is part of the development process because it is a precondition for development, and any kind of effort to promote quality without the complete understanding of sustainability will have ineffective results. It is only by thoroughly familiarizing ourselves with the existing knowledge of urban space that can we achieve urban sustainable development.
With a deep understanding of the concepts of "development" and "city" we will begin to face new challenges in urban planning that otherwise would not have arisen without this deep understanding. The "city", indicated by the numerous improvement theories surrounding it, is the most complicated human creation.
Plans and designs vary in size, some can be small and insignificant while others are large and immense, but what is really important is the degree of acceptance and patience of the people in respect to these plans. How do they perceive them? On what level do they interact with them? How can they participate in them and can these plans result in their individual self-improvement? Similarly, do they ensure his or her success?
Today, urban plans that involve the direct participation of people with the use of real practical facilities are mostly carried out by urban managers.
Successful plans primarily focus on "urban space" and perceive the entire city as one single unique unit. This perception allows us to take the most appropriate action regarding the city.
The aim of this seminar is to introduce the existing challenges and approaches of current urban development plans. By opening this discussion, hopefully the key ideas that promote change and improvement can flourish.
Reza Pourvaziry
President of IAARA

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