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Wednesday، 20 June 2018
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2nd Conference on Safe City Due
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The second conference on safe society will be held in Tehran in October.
Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting's Central News Bureau quoted advisor to Tehran mayor as telling the openning session of steering committee of safe society that the conference will be held on an annual basis.

Haji Khani further noted that safety for different age group; safety in different places; safety in intra- and inter-city roads; role of information technology and communications in healthy society; role of management and planning in safe society; social maladies (suicide, violence, addiction…) in safe society; empowerment of citizens in safe society; policies and laws supporting safe society; promoting safe lifestyle and documentation, survey, and assessment of safe society are major topics to be discussed.
The official also noted that inter-sectoral cooperation in order to promote quality of urban life is the most important index of such a society.

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