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Sunday، 22 April 2018
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The Design Observeur 10: Call for Products
:: aruna

The APCI launches its 11th call for entries aimed at companies in all sectors of business, design consultancies or freelance designers, as well as local or private organisations.

The Design Observeur 10 is a quality label, an award, exhibitions in France and abroad, and an international conference.

A quality label for all innovative designs created by a company / designer partnership chosen by a selection comitee.

An award, the "Star of the Observeur," will be handed out to outstanding products by an international jury during the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

INPI, ADEME and OSEO, all partners of the Observeur since its founding, will award honourable mentions to distinguish contributions in each of their fields: intellectual property, respect for the environment, innovation and technology transfer.

The Design Observeur is one of 17 large international design prizes awarded every 2 years in Seoul at the World Best Design exchange/Design Korea where it will have a significant presence again this year.

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