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Wednesday، 23 May 2018
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Spark Awards 2008

Spark is the exciting new competition created to promote great design and designers. We invite everyone to participate--designers, art directors, architects, design firms, manufacturers, institutions, ad agencies, students and novices may enter and enjoy the Spark Design Awards.

Graphics, product, transportation and architecture are just a few of the many design categories accepted. If you or your company create great designs, don’t miss the opportunity to compete in this important event. To accommodate the greatest possible range of designs and designers, and to lower the initial cost of entry, the SparkAwards are now configured as a "two-phase" competition--just like a sports playoff series. In Phase One, the entrant will upload an image of their work and short description to the Spark website. The Phase One fee is US$125.

You can register on the website now--click here. The first phase (virtual jury) final deadline is August 1. Phase One entrants chosen by the Jury will then have the option to participate in Phase Two, as a "Spark Candidate," with payment of a second fee of $250. Phase Two Jurists will judge the actual, physical works of design, so you'll need to ship your design to the Jury site.

All designers, art directors, design firms and departments, ad agencies, marketing and branding practices, clients, manufacturers and student or novice designers are welcome to join us. Spark accepts and promotes a wide range of design, designers and "creatives." As you'll see on our Categories page, this ranges from product design to advertising, digital animation to brick and mortar architecture. Professional Category admission is for designs launched on the market by May 2008 or no more than four years previously (from May 04). Students and novices (non-professionals) may enter each category, without their product being in production. (Proof of status required to win.) Each entrant may enter as many products as they wish.

There are awards for concept or prototype design--innovative designs that have yet to find a manufacturer or are in preliminary stages of development. Spark will also try to identify and highlight serious aspirational designs.

Each entrant may submit any number of products. There will be a two-stage competition process. The first stage will entail a 'virtual' online entry submission. After phase one judging, those entries that are deemed to be 'Candidates' will go on to the second phase. Each phase has a separate fee.

For phase two, jury decisions are made from the actual product or graphics (when feasible). Large equipment, interiors, public spaces, buildings, digital and website design all may be submitted as visuals. Most other designs are best judged in physical, production or published form. Please note—designs should not be sent to Spark prior to the published delivery date.

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