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Wednesday، 20 June 2018
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100 Bridges to Be Strengthened
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Tehran deputy mayor for technical and developmental affairs noted that, at present, there are more than 180 bridges in Tehran and 50-60 more bridges will be constructed.

Ahmad Donya Mali was quoted by ISNA as telling the closing ceremony of the third international conference on bridges at Amir Kabir University of Technology that studies on a number of metal structure bridges have been finished and 100 bridges will be strengthened.
He added that major bridges were constructed along the railroad during recent years and implementation of big developmental projects including big dams, in those years, prove high capacities of Iranian engineers.
“As long as the relationship between universities and executive bodies has not been strengthened, the executive bodies will be short of innovations in the field of technology and new ideas,” he said.
The official stated that new bridges should not be like each other.
“If we were careful in designing bridges, they must have their own specifications, so that, they would work both as an urban element and add to beauty of the city,” he said.

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