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Wednesday، 23 May 2018
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ID Cards to Be Issued for Tehran Historical Buildings
:: aruna

Tehran Beautification Organization is planning to issue identification cards for historical buildings of the capital city.
Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting reported that according to the plan about 630 historical buildings will be issued with ID cards within the next five months and the first phase of installing the cards will start in the next 10 days.
Ahmadi, deputy director of Tehran Beautification Organization for planning affairs, also stated that in the first phase, about 50 historical buildings will be identified and the cards issued for them will contain a short history of the building both in Persian and English.
“When it comes to religious places, the specifications will be given in Arabic in addition to the above two languages,” he said.
Deputy director of Tehran Beautification Organization for planning affairs further stated that issuing ID cards will cost about 1000 million rials and early studies on the plan started in March. The cards will be installed after coordination with relevant institutions.

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