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Wednesday، 20 June 2018
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The 2nd TehranAvenue One-Shot Film Competition
:: aruna

The 2nd One-Shot Film Competition invites all to submit their "visual notes" in two categories of open subject and with “Sidewalk.” Those interested should write to taff@tehranavenue.com to obtain an invitation form. Forms will be mailed within ONE WEEK of receiving requests.

1/ Technical: one uninterrupted shot or take
2/ Duration: minimum 30 seconds to maximum 10 minutes
3/ Production: produced by non-corporate entities
4/ Legal: adhering to the visual limitations in Iran
5/ Format: no animation
6/ Number (for each participant): 2

[::]TehranAvenue will select 30 works out of those submitted and make them available on-line for public voting.
[::]Participants must send a DVD of their work along with a completed invitation form to PO Box 14155-4151, Tehran, Iran.

22 August 2008

1/ A copy of the film on DVD
2/ A completed invitation form

[::] Films will not be returned after submission.

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