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Monday، 18 October 2021
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Environmental Conference Opens with Mayor’s Message
:: aruna

The first conference themed “environmental challenges and strategies in Tehran metropolis” was opened here at Niavaran Cultural Complex.
The meeting, which was attended by experts on urban management, began after Tehran mayor Dr. Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf’s message was read out.
SAMA reported that the message which was read out by Mohammad Hadi Heidarzadeh, advisor to Tehran mayor on environmental affairs, read as follows:
“Tehran metropolis accounts for one-fourth of the urban population of Iran and this has put too much pressure on the environment and has led to various types of environmental pollution, destruction of resources, and reduction of natural spaces. As a result, Tehran citizens need a healthy environment and their expectations from urban managers and planners have increased. Therefore, the new doctrine of urban management in Tehran has paid serious, structural and strategic attention to environmental issues. Establishing an environment and sustainable development headquarters at the central building of Tehran Municipality, establishing environmental management system, conducting environmental feasibility studies as part of urban projects as well as intra-organizational and citizenship education are among major strategic and structural steps that have been taken by Tehran urban managers in the past two years.”

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