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Monday، 18 October 2021
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Famous zoroastrian architect has condemned the International Architectural Competition for Design of the Great Adoryan
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Parviz Varjavand, Famous zoroastrian architect, has publishe a disapproving letter to Fravahr organization and in the letter under the title of "Tehran new Fire Temple" has invited the zoroastrian society to try to bring pressure upon the Tehran Anjoman to stop having - what he called- this joke of a competition.
He mentioned in his letter "The land of this project, 15000 square meters in the best part of Tehran, is worth at least 75 million US Dollars, yet with this Mickey Mouse competition the Tehran Anjoman will ruin the opportunity of a lifetime for all Zartoshties worldwide to have a building complex worth being proud of...".
He continues, in his report, " magnificent plot of land in Tehran has been dedicated by its donors for the creation of a fire temple and a Zoroastrian cultural complex. The temple aspect of the design is being downplayed in order not to attract negative attention to it, but it is there and very much the reason for the whole complex being built around it. I resigned from all comities in charge of program development and judging the competition because I believe that the Tehran Anjoman is going about having this competition the wrong way. Proper time and attention was not paid to getting our international community specially our Parsi brethren involved in it and I feel that this is a crime. They want to rush everything so that a few favourite boys will supposedly win in a rigged competition. This is a shame and the shame of mishandling this great opportunity by the present Tehran Anjoman will stay on their records for ever...".
In the last paragraph Parviz Varjavand has added, "...Small minds and myopic visions seem to be the norm for those who enter our Anjomans and try to serve our communities...".

The most confusing problem for the architects who are to take part in the competition competition of Great Adoryan -or in the way Varjavand call ir: Tehran new Fire Temple- is that, although there is just 10 days to deadline, the organizers of the competition do not announce the jury; and it is clearly against the new Competition Act of Iran (the competition in this way may be even becoming illegal and sueable) and the expectations of an International Competition Policy and Standards!

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