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Monday، 18 October 2021
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Iraqi Memorial

This project seeks to highlight conceptions of memorials in the broadest context possible. From individual gestures of personal remembrance to monumental concepts functioning on a global scale - all ideations of memory that address the issue of Iraqi civilian deaths are welcome. From sketches on napkins to fully detailed digitally animated walkthroughs - the diversity of approaches to expressing your ideas will help to create an engaging and thought provoking repository of memorial concepts.

Guiding Principles
Artists are invited to:
- Represent the spirit of the mission statement and project goals.
- Educate people about civilian deaths in the Iraq conflict.
- Address the lack of recognition of civilian deaths.
- Consider absence - of life, of accurately documented casualty numbers.
- Encourage reflection and a respect for life.
- Address notions of memory, monument and site.

Who May Submit Proposals?
All artists, designers, individuals or collaborations are welcome and invited to submit proposals. You must be at minimum 18 years old to participate in this project.

Materials / Media / Processes
There are no restrictions in regard to materials, media or processes - this project seeks to encourage proposals from across the diverse spectrum of disciplinary and cross-disciplinary artistic practice. This open call for proposals is open to all creative practice, including but not limited to: visual artists, performing artists, designers, architects, audio artists. Artists and designers should think as broadly a possible in considering the proposed use of materials, media and processes. All artistic processes will be considered in this context (permanent/temporary, physical/ethereal, object/performative, formal/interactive, traditional/relational, analog/digital).

It is up to each artist to define the context(s) as to where the proposed memorials would ideally be realized. There are no geographical, architectural, dimensional or spatial restrictions of any kind - as there is no defined location this is completely open to individual interpretation and imagination (physical/virtual, local/global, permanent/temporary). Artists are encouraged to consider the identification of site(s) as fluid yet critical to the proposal process.

What to Submit?
Artists are invited to use the format best suited to represent their individual memorial concepts. This can include, but is not limited to: drawings, diagrams, architectural renderings, scale models, photographs, descriptive texts, audio files, video or animated walk-through - whatever format most creatively represents the memorial concept.

How to Submit
Entries are accepted via this website. Please prepare the following information then use the online proposal form to complete the entry process:

- 1 - 2 jpeg files and/or audio / video files up to (.mp3 or .mov), (a total 2 files maximum combined 15mb per submission)
- Project synopsis (200 words max)
- Artist's bio (100 words max)
- Artist's URL / website
- Name, address, email, phone number, etc.

As a user generated content site, the project is ongoing indefinitely – Iraqimemorial.org will continue to be realized as new memorial proposals are uploaded to the site. A first “Juror’s Deadline for Review” has been established as 19 March 2008, the fifth anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq.


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