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Monday، 18 October 2021
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International Ideas Competition for Urban Planning Pian Scairolo (Lugano)

Identifying a town-planning strategy for Pian Scairolo, the main commercial-industrial area of the urban conglomeration of Lugano with a view to developing an attractive modern business loop.

After the positive experiences of the international town-planning competition for the Cornaredo district in 2004 (for a progress report on the work carried out to date, visit www.cornaredo.ch), the Town of Lugano is launching a competition along with the communes of Barbengo, Collina d'Oro and Grancia and the regional spatial planning department (Dipartimento del territorio) to replan the largest commercial-industrial urban area of Canton Ticino, which currently provides over 5.000 jobs with a turnover of more than one billion Swiss francs.

The urban conglomeration of Lugano is among the largest economic urban centres in Switzerland. With this competition it aims to identify an innovative concept for what is to become a hub of economic development in the Ticino region.
The competition procedure involves a preselection process: applications will be processed, and up to fifteen groups will be invited to the main stage of the anonymous competition.

The prize money amounts to 200.000 Swiss francs (approx. 125.000 Euro). Applicants must submit a dossier by the entry deadline of 21 January 2008. The competition itself will begin on 17 March 2008 and will close upon delivery of the work at the end of May 2008. The procedure involves the participation of international interdisciplinary teams, and applicants must be willing to accept additional mandates from the party inviting tenders.


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