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Monday، 18 October 2021
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Uttoxeter Architectural Design Competition

The RIBA Competitions Office is organising an Invited Design Competition on behalf of JC Bamford Excavators Ltd. Architect-led teams are invited to submit an expression of interest to design a town park, homes, offices, retail space and a health complex. This Preliminary Briefing Paper provides background information about the project, details of the selection process and the competition timetable.

Expressions of interest are invited from UK registered architectural practices with experience of preparing development plans and with the capacity to follow the vision through to completion.

Competition Format
Stage 1: Expressions of interest
Stage 2: A shortlist of up to six teams to be invited to produce design proposals and to attend an interview with the Jury Panel. Submission will be on 3 x A1 boards, a separate written report and a concept model. The final designs are likely to be subjected to Public Consultation and exhibition in Uttoxeter, where local residents and other stakeholders will be invited to share their views on the proposals. Final assessment will involve interviews with the shortlisted teams to enable the teams to discuss their submission with the Jury Panel and to allow the Panel to ask questions of the Competitors.

Competition Timetable
Competition launched 10 December 2007
Expression of Interest deadline 09 January 2008
Stage 1 shortlisting 28 January 2008
Brief issued to shortlisted teams 28 January 2008
Site visit 15 February 2008
Submission of design proposals 02 April 2008

The competition is open to all UK Registered Architects.

Requirements for Submission
Expressions of interest should comprise no more than 20 single sided A4 pages in hard binding, providing the following information, with the points numbered as follows:
- Full contact details of the professional practice, identifying one point of contact for the competition
- Introduction to the practice (and motivational statement)
- Details and brief CVs of key people within the practice proposed for this project
- Details of current Professional Indemnity Insurance
- Details of proposed consultants
- Three Client Referees (for the lead consultant)
- Details of relevant projects, including illustrations. Please state clearly whether projects featured refer to consultant’s work

Note: 4 copies must be provided plus one digital copy in PDF format on CD ROM. This information should be submitted to the RIBA Competitions Office to arrive by 14:00 hours, 09 January 2008. Only candidates responding in accordance with the submission requirements of this Preliminary Briefing Paper will be considered.

An equal honorarium of 12.000 Pounds (plus VAT) will be paid to each Stage 2 team and they will be expected to produce 3 x A1 sheets of design work along with accompanying technical report and a concept model.

Criteria For Selection
Up to six teams will be selected to go through to Stage 2 and the shortlist will be prepared on the basis of the following criteria:
- Experience of preparing deliverable development plans
- Experience of the preparation of material for complex schemes
- Team experience, ability and coherence
- Experience of delivering design excellence and high quality structures
- Demonstrable innovation and creativity
- Sensitivity to the complexities of local issues
- Evidence of capacity to deliver the project and work in partnership with JCB
- Compliance with requirements set out in this briefing paperYarışma Arşivi
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