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Wednesday، 20 June 2018
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9 Companies Lauded at Quality Conference in Tehran
:: aruna

During the second day of the 14th international conference of quality in Asia and the Pacific and the ninth international conference on quality management, which is underway in Tehran attended by 46 countries, nine top companies from China, Sri Lanka, India, Vietnam, and Philippines were introduced and awarded the prize of Asia-Pacific Quality Organization.

Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting’s Central News Bureau reported that the conference was attended by top figures in quality management in Asia and the Pacific including Ms. Mahshid Yazdanpanah from the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Competition and innovation, hidden half of quality-based strategies, viewpoint of Islam about inborn intelligence and importance of promoting it, developing the range of excellence models in different professions, education for all, motivational factors in advertisements, new approach to implementation of strategy, excellence at international level and competitiveness through self-assessment approach are major topics to be discussed at the three-day gathering.

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